Saturday, February 13, 2010

Zoubek, You're That Rugged Inside Man This Lately Dainty Duke Team's Been Missing

Duke 77 Maryland 56 It's one game. It's just one performance. Heck, it's his first start. But, Brian Zoubek, where have you been the past six or so years for this Duke team? Despite the non-stop slew of high seedings (think 2 or 1), that sweet sixteen mark has been a hard one to break. And Duke has taken no small amount of crap from the media for this. Duke's tendency to take it on the chin typically corresponded with the punishment they endured in the post. Today, Zoubek fought back.

With Lance Thomas down and out with an injury, most people thought Coach K had no choice but to go with talented freshman Mason Plumlee. While Plumlee got no love, Coach K got plenty from his decision to start Zoubek on his 63rd birthday. Zoubek had 16 points, 2 blocks, and 17 rebounds in the kind of performance that gives any Dukie the vapors. Could he be the answer? Could this be the missing link? The straw that stirs these devil's coffee? It was just one game...and maybe a fluke. One shouldn't get too carried away. But there's always room for hope.

For a reenactment of Brian Zoubek stealing the nation o'Duke's heart, click here:

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