Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Syracuse Orange and the Case of the Vanishing Offense

Louisville 66 Syracuse 60 Syracuse is averaging 54 percent shooting. Against Louisville today, they shot 41. That's one way to lose a game at home. Another way is to give up an 11 point first half lead. But, for Jim Boeheim, it was simple: "We lost the game on the offensive end." For Wesley Johnson, it was even simpler: "I'm just missing shots." Nursing a bruised thumb on a shooting hand isn't easy, so missing shots is going to happen. But 5 for 20 is the shooting % of a thumbless man, not Wesley Johnson. And when the other 4 starters only took 23 combined shots, it really is pretty simple. It's your offense.

Next up, Georgetown at Georgetown. They had some issues today losing to Rutgers. All is not well in the Big East at the moment. One of them gets to rebound on Thursday.

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