Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Death of the Northwestern Watch

Penn Stat 81 Northwestern 70 I shed a tear last night for Northwestern's tournament hopes and dreams. Losing at Iowa and to Penn State at home pretty much seals their NIT fate. It's finally over folks. Time to pack it in and move on. You know that scene from Rudolph on the Island of Unwanted Toys, where it's Christmas Eve and it's getting late and everyone thinks Rudolph forgot them? The jack in the box chimes in with "there's always next year" right before Santa's sleigh pulls up to save them. Well, there's no Santa's sleigh for Northwestern. But there is always next year for the only team from a BCS conference to never make a tourney. Assuming Shurna doesn't pull a Coble and go down with a season ending injury before their season really starts...Go Cats!

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