Thursday, February 4, 2010

Northwestern Watch: NCAA Tourney or Bust

Just to recap, Northwestern has never been to the NCAA Tournament. Ever. The only team from a power six conference to hold this distinction. Only one. That's why I've been rooting hard for the Wildcats this season. Sure, John Shurna looks goofy, Bill Carmody always looks a little too well kept on the sidelines and the Princeton offense isn't on a list of the top 10 things I love about college ball. Still, you have to love the pluck of a team that lost their star, Kevin Coble, to injury before the season ever started. It's almost like a disney movie, with cats instead of ducks. And basketball, not hockey. And no Emilio Estevez. Actually, it's better than a disney movie.

But the man is still trying to keep these tenacious cats down. And by the man, I mean Joey Brackets, of course.* Joe Lunardi is giving Nothwestern no tourney love in his latest bracket projection, again. They're only 15 and 7. And they only have one win against a team in the top 50 RPI. But, come on. First tournament appareance ever!

Northwestern's stretch of games coming up is incredibly winnable: Indiana at home, Iowa on the road, Minnesota at home and then Penn State at home. If they can control those four match ups, a date in Madison is waiting at the end of the road. That is their last chance for a second tourney worthy win. I'm pulling for them. You should be too. (Unless your a Wisconsin fan, but even then. First tournament appearance ever! Come on.)

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