Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kansas State a 1 Seed?

If you weren't thinking about this possibility, you're not alone, because I wasn't either. If you were, give yourself a pat on the back for foresight (something I lack). I was innocently watching Kansas and Texas A & M ugly it up in a slugfest last night when Brent Musburger dropped this bomb on my tourney seed thinking. Listeners were politely informed, in Musburger fashion, that if Kansas State isn't on your 1 seed radar, they should be. A quick investigation of the matter reveals he's right.

Kansas State is currently 20 and 4 and ranked 7th in the nation. They have three road games left, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa State. All are very winnable for the Wildcats. They have Oklahoma and Texas Tech on the road, which could be tricky, but both are still very managable. If they take care of business, the make or break date is March 3rd at Kansas. Beating Kansas likely won't affect the Big 12 race. Kansas State has 3 conference losses, to 0 for Kansas. I don't see the Jayhawks losing 2 other times before seasons' end. But winning out, including a victory at Kansas in March, is impressive enough for the selection committee to award a 1 seed. If the Big East taught us anything last year, you don't need to win your conference to get a 1 seed.

There are a few teams standing in the way of Kansas State. Duke has an easier road of getting the 1 seed nod, with their toughest test remaining at Maryland. Not exactly as intimidating as at Kansas. But, if you look at teams like Purdue and Villanova, who still have multiple top 25 opponents left in the coming weeks, Kansas State has a decent shot at this 1 seed thing. That would give us two Big 12 teams with a 1 seed, and two Wildcats (assuming Kansas and Kentucky both get one). Fear the beard and a number 1 seeding.

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