Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Manny Harris is Coming Back: Why I'm Not Surprised

After Michigan got treated to a Northwestern nut kicking last night, in a 67 to 52 loss, Manny Harris announced that he plans to return to college next year. No jaws dropped, no hats blew off, and no ties comically rolled up like a shot from a shoddy pull up window blind. At this point, it just makes sense for Manny to come back. To kick off the season, he was phenomenal, logging triple doubles, double doubles, and eye popping point totals. The Wolverines were 15th in the polls. Life was good. Then, Michigan lost three in a row to Marquette, Alabama and Boston College and Manny's wild ride soured into the current mess that is U of M's season.

John Beilein has publicly questioned his star guard's leadership. That's not what NBA scouts want to hear in the middle of a sub par season. Nor is anyone going to take a game suspension, imposed by the coach, for unsportsmanlike conduct in a practice as a good sign. That game was Purdue on the road. A coach wouldn't sit his star player for spilling the gatorade. Given Manny's inconsistency and apparent behavorial issues, this isn't the season to launch oneself into the NBA draft.

ESPN currently has Manny projected as a late second round to undrafted prospect.* Some of the players they have going ahead of Harris are Tomas Satoransky and Durrell Summers. No disrespect to either of those players, but if you're projected to go behind those two, don't be a fool, stay in school. Things could still change. Crazier things have happened. Manny could play like Mike for the rest of the season. 40 or so of the players projected ahead of Manny could all decide to come back next year. Who knows. But at this point, I'm not surprised that Harris is planning on staying.

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