Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When is Kentucky Going Down?

Come on. Everyone wants to know this. It’s human nature. There is one undefeated team left, so the juiciest story line left is when they’re going to fall. A lot of people think it isn’t happening until at least February and likely not until the Cats travel to Tennessee. Not me. I give it until January 26. That’s when Kentucky travels to South Carolina. Did that raise a few eyebrows? Elicit a few scoffs? It shouldn’t. While they are loaded with talent, Calipari’s squad is young and hasn’t looked all that elite on the road this season, even against sub-par competition. They only beat Auburn by five points. John Wall (a.k.a. the messiah) turned the ball over seven times in that game. Auburn lost to the Sam Houston State Bearkats, by the way. And no, I did not misspell BearKats. Sam Houston State actually spells it with a K. So much shame.

Instead of asking why I think they will loss to South Carolina, I ask why not? South Carolina only has five losses, and is very firmly a bubble team. Kentucky could punch their ticket. They also have one of the best, albeit turnover prone, point guards in the country in Devan Downey. He is averaging almost 21 points a game, 4 assists, 3 rebounds and 3 steals a game. Take away the four turnovers he’s averaging a game and the kid’s perfect. That was tongue in cheek, but he is taking care of the ball much better at home than he is away. Kentucky isn’t going to lose to Tennessee on the road. That’s so Kansas. But losing to South Carolina on the road, that I could see.

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