Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Parity Part Deux. Or, Who's Beaten Who

In my last post, if you look just below this one, I expounded on why Kentucky is a top 5 (or so) team and not the number 1. Because, while there are many contenders this year, I don't see a clear favorite. Venturing a little further down the line, I'd like to do a segment called: Who's Beaten Who. For the lazy, forgetful or uninformed, here is a quick parity reference:

Texas has beaten the likes of Pitt, UNC and MSU. But they have also just dropped two straight to K-State and UConn. K-State then turned around and lost at home to OK-State, not being very nice to Texas. UConn, might I remind you, lost to U of M, the team that was suppose to be top 15 good, but is actually 10 and 9 right now.

Kansas has beaten...well, they're undefeated in Big XII play and that's pretty impressive, even if their toughest challenge was Baylor at Home. Their only quality out of conference opponent, however, was Tennessee. And they lost to Tennessee. And while Tennessee is ranked, they were only playing with six scholarship players at the time. Tennessee, meanwhile, has dropped a dissapointing game to Georgia since.

Villanova Their sole belmish is against Temple, which isn't too bad of a blemish to have. They still have to travel to Georgetown, West Virginia, Pitt and Syracuse before the season is out. I wouldn't expect them to stay at 1 loss forever.

Syracuse Their one loss was to Pitt, which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't at home. It also would have looked better if Pitt hadn't dropped their last two, at home to Georgetown and on the road against Seton Hall.

Michigan State They've beaten Gonzaga and Wisconsin. They've lost to UNC, Texas and Florida. The UNC loss is looking worse in retrospect, while the loss to Florida is down right unacceptable.

Duke Best wins are UConn and Gonzaga. While they've lost to Georgia Tech and Wisconsin, the one that hits the nose with a stink is a double digit loss to North Carolina State.

Purdue and West Virginia These two get lumped together, mostly because it is a funny case. West Virginia has lost to Purdue and Syracuse, neither of which are bad losses, but also dropped one to Notre Dame. The funny part is that Purdue not only beat West Virginia, they molly-whoped them. The final margin was 15, but it wasn't that close. If you weren't sipping the Purdue kool-aid before that, you were after. Then Purdue decides to drop three straight. They lost at Wisconsin, not bad. They lost at home to Ohio State, eyebrow raising. They lost on the road to Northwestern, concerning. Now, they have decided to start blowing opponents out again. The crazy world that is college basketball.

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