Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Follow Up: Are the Texas Starters Under Conditioned?

Earlier today I half-heartedly agreed with Digger Phelps that Rick Barnes was subbing too many guys. When you have 10 players averaging double-digit playing time, you may be going overboard. Conversely, in the second half of the Kansas State Game, Dexter Pittman didn’t get much rest until he got into foul trouble. He was sluggish getting up and down the court, and didn’t produce much in the second half. The worst part about it, Pittman only played 16 minutes last night. Ouch! Depth is great, but what happens when you need a guy like Pittman to play 25 minutes plus in a slugfest against a quality team? Much like you did last night? Is Rick Barnes inadvertently making his starters soft by exploiting his depth?

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