Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Do Some Wildcats (Who Aren’t Kentucky or Kansas State) Have to do to get Respect?

Northwestern, if the tournament were held today, would not get in. At least according to Joe Lunardi. It seems harsh, doesn’t it? We’re talking about the only team from a power six conference to never make the tourney. We’re talking about a team who lost their heart and soul guy, Kevin Coble, before their season even started. But somehow, they have managed to rally to 13 and 4 for the season. In case you missed it, Northwestern has one of the best players in the big ten in John Shurna, who is averaging almost seventeen points a game and seven rebounds. Drew Crawford and Michael Thompson haven’t been too shabby either. They even beat number 13 ranked Purdue over the weekend (no less of an accomplishment despite the fact that beating Purdue is becoming the favorite past time of Big Ten teams).

So what gives? Other than their win over Purdue, there are no signature wins unless you count Notre Dame. For the record, I don’t count Notre Dame. But, to their credit, there aren’t any horrible losses either. They have a loss to Butler, Wisconsin, Michigan State and at Illinois. Sadly, avoiding embarrassing losses is only one part of many to the equation. The good news for Northwestern is that by my estimation they have three shots left at another big win: at Ohio State, at Wisconsin and at Michigan State. That also sounds like the bad news. They can kick it off with a bang tonight at 7 at Ohio State. Or they can continue to be the only team from a power six conference to never make the tournament. Poor Wildcats.


  1. How bout the Kentucky wildcats? They are the real deal baby! John wall is a real p.t.p.er and he's only a diaper dandy baby! John Wall baby! Whoever picked him on their fantasy team with a first round pick this season must be feeling as smart as coach K baby! Duke baby!

  2. Someone did pick him on their fantasy team, but invoking Dick Vitale and Coach K in the same comment is just too much.