Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Leaving Not an Admission of Guilt"....huh

In a story from ESPN news services, Tim Floyd claims that leaving USC had nothing to due with his guilt or innocence: "Why I left was not in any way an admission of guilt. It was a complete testament to a lack of support by my administration and how we were treated after four years of doing everything the right way." Right, so I understand that Mike Garrett is sort of a s.o.b. I understand that USC basketball has taken the brunt of USC's self imposed penalties, despite the fact that the football program has not so quietly been buying pro teams for the past 8 or 9 seasons. All of that makes Floyd leaving due to friction with the administration completely plausible. But doing everything the right way??? Come on. There is nothing about recruiting a guy like O.J. Mayo that is right. So, Tim Floyd, while your explanation is probably part of the reason you left, I gotta believe that the other part was a little bit o'guilt.

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