Friday, January 22, 2010

UCLA Got a Win, Good For Them

UCLA 62 Washington 61 A walk on for UCLA, Mustafa Abdul-Hamid, hit the game winning shot for UCLA last night. Washington led 61 to 60 with a whole whopping 3 seconds left on the clock, before the Bruins hit their unlikely game winner. It was a euphoric moment for the Bruins. Now back in the light of day, they likely realize that they're still 8 and 10 for the season, but last night it was special. So Washington, supposedly the best team in the PAC 10, is 3 and 4 in conference play. UCLA, supposedly one of the worst, is 3 and 3. Crazy finish aside, there's no shiny gloss that can cover up the rickity hooverville that is the PAC 10's house this season.

Indiana 67 Penn State 61 Tom Crean has now picked up nine wins on the season, and has held this team together in the absence of his top freshman, Maurice Creek. Meanwhile, in Happy Valley, Ed DeChillis can't even hold together a jock strap. After their great NIT run last year, Penn State is winless so far in Big Ten play at 0 and 6. No Stanley Pringle or Jamelle Cornley this year for Penn State. Turns out, Talor Battle cannot be a one man team. Well, he can, they just can't win that way.

Butler 48 Loyola 47 You want to talk about slow, plodding Big 10 games? You should have checked this one out. Or not. Butler shot 35 percent from the floor and Loyola shot a staggering 34. From 3 point land, Butler was 3 for 20. The Bulldogs are 15 and 4 on the season now.

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