Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shit is Annoying

Onuaku is day to day my ass. Syracuse is giving me fits while looking at this bracket. They should get by Vermont no problem, despite chatter that it might be a problem. But that's why chatter is just chatter. After that, Wesley Johnson, Andy Rautins and the rest of the Orange should have what it takes to get past Gonzaga or Florida State. That puts them in weekend number 2. Frankly, I think the Cuse will have more trouble without Onuaku against Gonzaga or Florida State's bigs than they will against UTEP, Vanderbilt, Butler or Murray State. Thus we have the Elite 8, and a likely matchup against Kansas State. Can they beat the cats without Onuaku? No. With him? No question. So, I'm left taking a coin flip on one of the most important picks of my bracket. Annoying.

What else is annoying? Glad you asked. That Baylor is a trendy Final Four pick. For all of us who had them as a trendy pick before it was trendy, now we're just also rans. And I was high on Baylor back in December. Damn that soft ass 1 seed for Duke, and the 2 seeded Villanova Wildcats who really feel more like a 5 seed (and should have been so ranked, in this bloggers' mind). Well, you know what, I actually like Duke's chances. No, they shouldn't have been placed in the softer than soft south bracket. But they are. And they can win it. So nah!

Big East getting mad love All right, Big East is blah, blah, blah. We get it. They got 3 1 seeds last year. This year, they have a 1 seed, two 2 seeds, two 3 seeds, Marquette at the 6 line and Louisville at 9. Please explain to me how a team like Villanova, with a similiar profile to a team like Michigan State and Maryland, without a share of a conference title and with a similiar early and dissapointing exit from a conference tourney lands a 2 seed while Maryland gets a 4 seed and Michigan State gets a 5. There is no justification for it. And, no, the Big East is not head and shoulders above either the Big Ten or the ACC this year. You can point to past tournament success to justify Big East love, but when you are ridiculously overseeded year after year, you better have something to show for it. More to come on this vent later.

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