Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NBA Lockout 2011, Oh The Humanity

So, as this Sports Illustrated article points out*, the NBA could be headed towards a lockout in 2011. Long story short, as many as half of all NBA teams are running defecits this year. So the NBA is very unlikely to offer the players' union the same deal they've got going now. On the flip side the players' union is claiming that they won't except anything less than the current deal. Stalemate, thy name is spoiled athletes and David Stern...who also is probably pretty spoiled.

The ramifications for college basketball are as obvious as they are annoying. Think of your favorite player this year who isn't quite a lottery pick, but who has some legitimate NBA interest. If you were in their shoes would you stick around to mature for another year and develop your game if you were concerned that next year there might not even be a draft? Didn't think so. I think I speak for all college fans when I say get your shit together, NBA.


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