Wednesday, March 3, 2010

7th Time's a Charm

Maryland vs. Duke 9 pm on ESPN Maryland hosts the Duke Blue Devils on senior night at the Comcast Center for a share of 1st place in the ACC. If they didn't already have enough motivation, there's also the matter of their 6 straight losses to Duke. That counts as some serious motivation. What is Duke playing for? Sole possession of first place in the ACC? You could argue that the possibility of a 1 seed is motivation enough. But 1 seed or 2 seed, that Sweet Sixteen is the same monkey on those Devils' back.

Kansas vs. Kansas State 8 pm on ESPN 360 How this game ended up on 360 is anyone's guess. Maybe they just haven't been paying attention to Jacob Pullen and his beard's antics that have K. State in 1 seed contention if they pull off a monster upset at Kansas. Either way, watching the game via computer will be nothing new to me. That is my oft relegated way to catch a game when my girlfriend has control of the television and there happens to be a rerun of House on...

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