Friday, February 24, 2012

Missouri at Kansas

The game of the weekend and a big one it is. We're talking Big 12 deciding, 1 seed potential and player of the year implications going on. Oh yeah, and possibly a bitter end (for the foreseeable future at least) of a great rivalry given Missouri's departure to the SEC next year. So what are you gonna be watching Saturday at 4pm?

If you've been following the player of the year race at all, you know it's a bit of a two way competition (MSU's Draymond Green in a close third) between Thomas Robinson of Kansas and the human block machine, Anthony Davis of Kentucky. I'm rooting for Robinson because he means more to his team, his stats are more impressive and I'm not afraid his eyebrows are going to become self aware and lead an eyebrow rebellion against mankind (Uni-killer). Between him and Jeff Withey, the surprisingly good step up center for the Jayhawks this year, I think Kansas just has too much size for Missouri.

Missouri was able to get it done against Kansas earlier in the season, but that was at Missouri. And Marcus Denmon played out of his gourd for the Tigers. He had 29 points in that game, two 3 pointers and a 3 point play in the final 2 minutes to rally for the win. I wouldn't bank on a repeat performance in Allen Fieldhouse. Of course, Denmon isn't the only hot shooter on the team. Missouri has a bevy of them from Michael Dixon to Kim English. Still, it will take a great shooting night as a team (or a vintage February 4th Denmonesque one) to pull it off.

Bottom line, the Tigers know what is on the line. So, no, it's not crazy to think that they could walk away with a victory. But I think this isn't a good week for them to be playing teams that start with Kansas (see their lose to Kansas State Tuesday). I think Frank Haith's team is coming away with the L, and it will be a long time coming before Missouri will be able to get a rebuttal.

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