Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Night

TCU 102 UNLV 97 OT
I do get that upsets happen. I get that good teams will drop the occasional game to an inferior team over the course of a season and that overreaction is not required. I just didn't buy that UNLV was the number 11 team in the country before last night and I certainly don't buy it this morning.

They beat North Carolina early in the year. Yes, I remember. It was a case of an inferior team beating a superior opponent over the course of a season in reverse. Other than that their best win is over San Diego State at home. How good that win is depends on whether or not you buy San Diego State as the number 15 team in the nation. I don't. New Mexico, despite being un-ranked, is probably the better win for UNLV and they got that one at home too.

The reality is that their defense is ranked 52nd in the nation by Ken Pomeroy and it looked worse than that last night as they let TCU come back from an 18 point deficit. We'll see what comes of their next game at New Mexico on Saturday, but I get the feeling we're going to see another loss unworthy of a team ranked 11th in the nation.

Ohio State 78 Minnesota 68
Minnesota decided to spot Ohio State 21 points to start the game. Just for funsies. Ohio State came out determined to bounce back and they did. Buford atoned for his horrible performance at home against MSU with a 24 point outing. Jared Sullinger chipped in 23 with 8 boards.

But I'll be damned if Minnesota even seemed to know where Buford was half the time when they were on defense in the first 10 minutes of that game. Half of the Buckeyes seemed unaccounted for when they were on offense. Minnesota was slow, lazy and unfocused to start the game. Did they think Ohio State was going to wait for them to come around?

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