Monday, November 14, 2011

24 Hours of Hoops Starts Tonight

At 12 midnight, going till 12 midnight tomorrow. College basketball players can tip off at 2 am, but college football players can't have a playoff because the student athlete is a student first and it would prove too disruptive to their student life *wink, wink*.

I love the idea of 24 hours of college hoops in theory, but ESPN's lineup for the majority of this marathon isn't worth cracking a red bull for. Washington State at Gonzaga tips off at midnight and registers as mildly compelling. Northern Iowa at St. Mary's pits two schools with recognizable basketball names against each other, doing little else to garner excitement. These two games aren't likely to keep many awake till 4 am. For those still giving it the old college try, Cal State Northridge at Hawaii should kick that right out of them.

The marathon doesn't really get good till about 6pm the next evening with George Mason vs. Virginia Tech, leading into the likes of Duke vs. Michigan State and Florida vs. Ohio State. It ends with a flash. As for the start, ESPN should have let the student athletes get their rest like the rest of the nation will be.

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